February 2017 Fishing Report

It’s been an unseasonably warm winter.  The water temperatures are in the 60’s they really should be in the 50’s.  A lot of our pelagic species have remained here rather than heading south to Miami.  About once a week someone catches a Pompano. Speaking of Pompano we have some exciting new jigs for 2017 that have been a year in the making to get them right. They range in size from ¼ ounce to ½ ounce in colors of pink, orange and yellow.


A lot of our trout have remained on the St. George Island side of the bay and not up the rivers where they normally are this time of year.  Trout are on the oyster bars and still on the flats.  On the oyster bars use your Z-Man trout tricks.  We have a new paddles tail Z-Man which acts as a swim bait.  You can bounce it off the bottom or you can fish it mid water like a swim bait.  Suspension baits are also my go to bait around oyster bars like the Rapala Coastal X-Rap with single hooks.  Make sure you work your baits slower this time of year in the cooler waters.


There have been reports of very nice schools of redfish in the state park to the east of the Island.


This is the time of year for sheepshead around structure, around the bridges, rocks and sunken “treasures”.


I’m thinking we are going to have an early spring so now is the time to clean your equipment, stock up and get ready to RUMBLE.


We’ll Hook You Up!

Captain Larry Troy

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Fishing Report Summer 2016

Probably easier to say which fish are not being caught as everything is on fire this time of year.


A lot of Cobia are being landed.  I like using artificials for them.  Chartreuse 2 to 6 oz. jigs are one of my favorite choices.  When checking out structures such as markers and buoys during slack tide is a good way to spot Cobia.  Cast your jig, let it fall, reel it up jigging all the way.  The Cobia will follow it down; you’ll get a strike set the hook, fight on.
Kings and bottom fish have also been plentiful.  My favorite king artificial is a 3 ½” trolled glow spoon.  Troll one spoon close to the wheel wash and another at the sixth wave.  Down riggers or planers will get the spoons deeper into the strike zone.


We still have a few pompano being caught daily.  We now have a new fluorocarbon/red Gamakatsu circle hook rig for pompano teamed up with fishbites it’s hard to beat.  They are catching a lot of trout on the beach with slow sinking mirrolures (52M).  Spanish are being caught either trolling or casting spoons, goofy jigs, or Gotcha Plugs.


The small flats worm by Berkely Gulp with a 1/16” jig head bumped slowly along the bottom has been very successful for the “flatties” (flounder).
Trout tricks are continuing to be a favorite, producing consistent large trout.  Any of the Z-Man plastics we carry are very successful and tough. You need a plastic that will stand up to pinfish eating the tails.

All of our inshore guides that we book are producing nice catches of trout, reds and triple tail daily.  Love those tails – great table fare!  One of our guides landed a 26 pounder this past week.

Hook ‘em Up!
Captain Larry

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Spring 2016 Fishing Report

Very fat pompano are being caught all up and down the beach.  The water temperature has been bumping up and down which is good, as this will prolong the run well into May.

Pompano circle pro rigs with fishbites, sand flea, crab and shrimp scents, will do the trick.  Surf rods – the taller the better – in sand spikes are the way to go.  With your smaller rod cast Doc’s Goofy Jigs, Nylures and Nekid Ball Jigs tipped with fish bites or Pro Cure.  Remember to work them real slow with an occasional bump.

Also catching quite a few nice reds on the surf rigs.

Mackerel are showing up in good numbers.  Use spoons, nylures, gotcha plugs all with wire leader of course, is the sure way to succeed.

Nice trout in the bay are being landed along with plenty of reds.  The new Trout Eyes coupled with the Trout Trick by Z-Man is a new favorite.  All Z-Man are very tough, effective baits.

Offshore gag grouper opened up in state waters until June 30.  Minimum is 22 inches but is expected to change to 24” total length later this spring.  It is a four fish limit of which two can be gags.  Remember if you fish from a recreational vessel make sure you are currently signed up as a Gulf Reef Fish Angler (annual renewal is required) to learn more visit myFWC.com/fishing and click on saltwater, recreational regs and Gulf Reef fish survey.  Sign up at GoOutdoorsFlorida.com

Catch ‘em up!

Captain Larry Troy

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Fall 2015 Fishing Report

Well folks we are way overdue for a fishing report so here goes:

Catching a lot of trout and reds fishing all the favorite artificial baits. Cover the water column. Trout seem to be in four to six feet on the flats and mouths of the rivers. This is the time of year where trout like the oyster bars. They seem to love suspension baits from Catch 2000’s, 17MR’s and Paul Brown’s. I like to fish them with a couple of twitches with my rod tip and them a pause’ most of the time the hit comes at the pause or fall of the lure.

My favorite technique for redfish is topwater; early in the morning or at sunset. The most common mistake people make with working a top water plug is moving them too fast. When “walking the dog” slow down and pause then continue walking. Of course your spoon is always your “go to” for reds, keep in mind that gold is not the only color to use. I love red, chartreuse and silver also. The Aqua Dream spoon in 1/4 or 3/8 ounce is an excellent choice. They have a slower more erratic descent and a very cool wobble type action that can be fine-tuned.

Of course your plastics with or without a popping cork shouldn’t be overlooked. A three inch DOA shrimp is my preferred bait of choice with its embedded shrimp. Don’t overlook the GULP baits as winners also.

Still quite a few triple tail around – again the DOA shrimp will work for these species as well.

And now let’s get ready for fall POMPANO.  Starting to catch a few and I’m expecting October to fire up before they move south. This past spring was the most productive I’ve seen in 30 years!! Let’s hope for a brief repeat.

You know the drill – On the beach use a circle hook pro pompano rig with FISHBITES. The scents I like are shrimp, crab and sand flea which I mix up on my double rigs a different flavor on each hook. I set several rods up for the surf then I’ll cast Goofy jigs and nylures tipped with a fishbite all the while keeping an eye on the surf rods. The pompano pro circle rigs are great because they are self setting hooks.

We have a new Pro Cure scent now “Sand flea”. I have always used their shrimp and crab scent on my lures so I’m excited about their new scent for pompano.

Well the solunar table says it’s time to fish—until next time.

Catch ‘em up!

Capt. Larry Troy

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March 2015 Fishing Report

Water temp is around 70 degrees, the bite is on!  We’ve been catching a few pompano for the last two weeks, some of them are very nice 4+ pound fish. So needless to say these next few weeks should be pompano heaven.

Anywhere on the beach will do to set up. The sandbar runs East and West from one tip of the island to the other.  Look for a break in it ideally as that’s where the fish will be moving from the inner channel to the outer channel.  You don’t have to get wet, the fish feed on both sides of the sandbar in the trough.

pompano fishbitesStandard gear: a surf rod 8 – 10 feet, large capacity spinning reel with 15 – 25 lb mono, sand spikes, pompano rigs with circle hook, at least a 2 ounce pyramid sinkers with fishbites in sand flea, shrimp or crab flavors.


Yes folks that is a pompano caught on a fishbite. Also without a doubt pick up your 10 lb spinning outfit and cast Doc’s Goofy Jigs and Nylures working them slow bumping them off the bottom.

spanishSpanish mackerel are also being caught to the east using a gotcha plug,  spoons and Goofy jigs.  Most of them have been small this week but we expect the larger ones to follow shortly.


Our captains have been having nice catches of redfish and trout as they should be because they are OUR CAPTAINS – we only have the best for our customers!

Coming soon —Nekid Ball Jigz catches all species (pompano/flounder slayer) 

Stay tuned more details to follow… nekid ball

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July 2014


Pompano with Doc’s Goofy Jig

Now that the water temp is in the 80’s every species is here.

Surf fishing has been real productive as it will stay until winter.  Everything from whiting, pompano, reds, trout, Spanish mackerel, flounder and sharks with all your usual baits – mirrolures, spoons fishbites, etc.

There is an artificial bait called Doc’s Goofy Jig which I can’t say enough about.  Doc is 80+ years old makes a lead keel jig that literally catches every species from pompano to tarpon.  We carry a fully stocked section from 1/4 to 3/4 ounce with a variety of his jigs.  They are deadly so stop in and get some.

There is plenty of flounder around a good and exciting way to get your flatty is to book one of our night time gigging trips.

Our captains are catching their limits daily, checkout out our facebook page for recent catches  at SGIsland Outfitters.

As far as the tarpon they are plentiful and should remain in the area throughout the summer.

Stop by and ask us what’s catching today and let us Hook You Up!

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Spring 2014 March – April

Water temperature is 64 degrees and on the rise.  Pompano fishing has started, some nice big ones are being caught – females are full of roe.  We are catching them on our Island Outfitters pompano circle rigs tipped with fishbites and bumping nylures off the bottom.  We are proud to announce that we are dealers of the famous Doc’s Goofy Jigs which are Pompano slayers (along with mackerel and other species).

Redfish are being caught on the beach, in the bay, on the flats and off the bridges.  We have had some great catches of specs too all along the oyster bars.

Sheephead are plentiful and big!

The “mack” attack is on … get your gotcha plugs and spoons here.

Put off all your other “chores” and come fishing April is the magic month!

This is Captain Larry – We’ll hook you up!

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Fall 2013 Fishing Report

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April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013 –
Due to a late spring the fishing is now just getting right. Water temperatures are hovering around 72 degrees, this is optimal for pompano. We have been having some nice catches on days that have not been too windy. The pomps have been running from one end of the island to the other on the beach inside the sand bar through the trough.

While pompano fishing we’ve been catching some nice Spanish mackerel especially at the east end.

Reds, black drum and trout are being caught on the beach as well.

On the flats some gator trout have been landed! Try some top water on those flat mornings on the bay for some nice reds and trout. During the middle of the day we prefer suspension plugs and plastics.

What’s nice about SGI is when it’s blowing on one side it’s generally calm on the other. So get out there and catch em up!

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October 2012

Surf side – Pompano starting to be caught as the month moves on and the water clears up I expect a good pompano run.  Fishing the surf with fishbites and pompano rigs and casting pompano jigs should do the trick.  There are also a lot of nice mackerel being caught on spoons, gotcha plugs and top water plugs.  That should continue through the month.

Bay side – We’ve been catching a lot of trout and redfish early and late in the day use top water lures, midday use suspension lures, spoons and jigs under a popping cork, (which is a good way to locate your trout).  There has been a bit of grass so you should rig your plastics weedless.  As the month progresses you can catch some gator trout as we usually do in the fall.

In the Cut –  Big redfish will be holed up before they make a move offshore to spawn.  Drift through the cut with a live pinfish,  shrimp or a 4 inch gulp on a heavier jig head should catch you a bull red.

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